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Case study
In Case 2 Bang & Olufsen we can see there are some main issue on this case. One of this issue is that this company is a creativity and their product always have unique design. But Bang& Olufsen company’s product are televisions, audio systems, loudspeakers, telephone, and other product. Design of the product is always the most important, but the price and the production of those product was not a huge amount, it was only enough of few people’s demand. And if the company want more profit, the production is a problem. And in other ways if the company was increasing their product production, they will lose some customer who want buy unique product. And for Bang& Olufsen who was famous of product design, the company claim they never employed in-house designers. But company was not basic on research in the field was combining the new technology and unique design to creative their product. So designer and engineer both was important for the company.

There are some suggestion of those issues. The company would increasing their customer group, because their customer were an elite group. To influence other customer to become a luxury for electric goods. And make more and more people was know this brand. So person ideal, company should have a group of designers and use funds to buy the unique design which was create by others who was not the employee of the company.

Post work
For Bang& Olufsen company there the main issues is the product is stand on a high price and those products are for who discuss taste and quality before price. And now Bang & olufsen do not only produce product such as video, TV. audio systems, loudspeakers, telephone, they were try to do their audio systems with other company like outsourcing for others who need audio systems. And there also some company was buy their products such as Benz. So according to this ideal Band & Olufsen could not employed so much designers, they could only do outsourcing there...
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