Data Management Software (Part)

Topics: Data management, Help desk, Data Protection Act 1998 Pages: 2 (443 words) Published: June 3, 2013
Data Management Software
1.1 There are many different risks to data security examples of the risks are theft, loss, neglect and insecure practises. Data security means to resist/protect your records and files from unauthorized users or destructive forces. I have numerous procedures to protect are data from unauthorized users are main ones are firewall protecting are network and computers from being hacked. Another one is that only certain users can get access to these sensitive systems, these users have their own personal passwords but even when they are logged on they can only get access to the data if they have the second password for system we used to store and protect are data. 1.5) The response I have for data errors are as follows spell check, removing duplications and I verify are data, which means I have accurate and consistent data. Spell Check keeps us from having missed spelt words in are data records which makes everything that little bit easier. An example of verifying are data is our address look up, this is use to make sure we have the correct address lines instead of lines that aren’t needed or if an applicant didn’t right down their full address/ made a mistake. As for error messages I get a fair few of them but the majority that I get, all I can do is phone ‘IT help desk’ for help. However there are other error messages that help me with data accuracy an example of this is that if I put in an incorrect post code or email address then a message pops up at the bottom of your screen telling me that it is incorrect, if I can’t rectify this then I call the applicant to get the correct data. 1.6) When using data there are certain guidelines you have to follow, examples shown below:- - Protect the rights of applicants when it comes to data storage - Ensure that the college complies with the Data Protection Act 1998 - Ensure that the college follows their legal/local and ethical requirements

There are many more guidelines but for me these are...
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