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Amanda Jones
Pre-Writing FRE
AP US History
1) Analyze the differences between the Spanish settlements in the Southwest and the English colonies in New England in the seventeenth century in terms of two of the following:
Economic development

In the seventeenth century many differences arose between the Spanish settlements and the English colonies involving religion with the Spanish practicing Catholic religion, and differences in politics as the Spanish settlements were all monarchies.

Spanish religion:
Romans Catholic
Religion was less bearing in their daily lives
Religion didn't control their lives
English religion:
Over bearing and religion controlled almost every aspect in their lives
Left England because of religious persecution but they themselves ended up persecuting others in their own society, such as Anne Hutchinson. Spanish politics:
Slavery existed and played a big role in society
La Comida system, "food for everyone"
They had very good relations with the Indians (approved of marriage between whites and Indians)
First to establish colonies & Founded an empire that was larger than the US today
They didn’t have the concept of self-government
When they acquired independence in the early 1800’s they had no experience having a government, so they fell under to military dictatorships.

English politics:
Still somewhat of monarchy, yet they were making steps towards a form of self government
Town meetings
Larger sense of civic duty
No slavery
Ruled by Britian
2) Analyze the cultural and economic responses of two of the following groups to the Indians of north america before 1750. British

Two nations who had particularly interesting relationships with the Native Americans were the British and the French, both of whom took different approaches to their relations with the Indians economically as well as culturally. Neither nation had complete trust for the Indians, nor did the Indians ever completely trust the men who arrived on "floating islands with many tall trees". Nonetheless, they did interact with one another in their daily lives. Both economically and culturally the French and British went about their interactions with the Native Americans differently. Through first hand writings and documents as well as observations by historians, it is evident that the British and French interacted with the Indians of North America in different ways. In the early beginnings of exploration, both the British and French had relatively good relationships with the Indians because of the economic success that came with simple cooperation. The fur trade with the Native Americans quickly proved successful because of the outrageously high prices it could be sold for in Europe. Years later the economic goals shifted and so did relations with the Native Americans. The French, headed by Samuel de Champlain, maintained a fur trading network in the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence regions and so attempted to improve relations with the Huron Indians of that area. The relationship escalated to the point of an alliance in which the French helped the Hurons fight their enemy the Iroquois Confederacy. Champlain became so successful with the Indians that he eventually sent traders out to live alongside the Hurons, adopt their culture and language and at the same time monitor the flow of furs to the newly settled Quebec. Not nearly as profitable as the fur trade was their export of crops, which only started because they used the farming techniques that the Native had shown to them. Though the French was relationship with the Indians was not spotless, it did prove to be economically beneficial to both the French and the Indians. The British colonization had a slower start than that of the French due to their war with Spain at the time. This late start, however, did not hinder them from quickly squeezing...
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