Coffee in World History

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Extremely popular, perhaps due to addiction

Doc 1 - Talks about popularity, how it brings people together to socialize + distracts them from mosque

Doc 2 - Advertises coffee by listing its “benefits”, says it is very healthy

Doc 3 - Describes the addiction people have towards coffee

Doc 2 - Garways’s Cofee House

It’s an advertisement. Intentionally tried to get customers to buy their coffee. Exaggerates claims of health benefits and “careful” production. Not proper research done, because too much caffeine can be harmful.

An opinion from an addict

We need to know whether or not the common people realized their addiction or suffered from health issues. Why was there always a demand for more?

Western import, Non-Western export

Doc 4 - Statistics demonstrate that more coffee consumed in European countries

Doc 9 - Statistics show which Latin American/African countries exported the most coffee from 1988-99

Doc 4 + 9

Numbers don’t lie. Given statistics are probably accurate, thus we can make good inferences about which global regions consumed or produced the most coffee.

A graph with more global statistics

It’s important to have a visual aid. More countries and regions need to be listed for a more global perspective of coffee.

Demand for Coffee makes it huge econ source

Doc 5 - Discusses how distribution of coffee relies on numerous industrial resources

Doc 6 - Demonstrates how demand for coffee gets in the way of other agricultural necessities

Doc 10 - Portrays the economic benefit of growing coffee, but describes how it takes place of the production of other foods.

Doc 6 - World Rainforest Movement, United Nations

Eco-Freaks. Emphasize environmental disasters, such as soil erosion, population pressures, + water shortage to prove their point. Doesn’t discuss economic results. We need a more well-rounded view. Written...
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