Coffee Shop

Topics: Coffee, Balance sheet, Asset Pages: 9 (2064 words) Published: September 1, 2012
The Coffee House

Castillo, Jordanny A.
Deondo, Marilou C.
Heyres, Rachelle Ann B.
Pablo, Benjam R.
Sigua, John David Y.
I. Introduction
The proposed study revolves around the creation of The Coffee House, a proposed small scale business that will be situated in the fast changing environment which is constantly changing due to constructions of buildings and other facilities in the Global City in Taguig City.

The study will tackle from the history of the business up to the technical and financial aspects of the study, the said study will also develop the keen observation skills of the students in terms of the marketable value of a specific brand of their liking and will also hone their analysis skills in the business side of the proposed study whether technical or financial.

II. Business History
The Coffee House is a new small scale business that targets the coffee industry with an expected opening date of July of 2011 in 38th Dr. N. University Parkway, Bonifacio North Triangle, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City. The business is a coffee shop, located near prestigious schools and business districts in the area. The business specializes in coffee, tea, and homemade pastries. There are other shops that only serve coffee in the vicinity, the nearest being over one kilometer away which is stationed at Market Market Mall in the vicinity. The target audience of the business is individuals which are both in the workforce and in the academe, students and professionals alike. Currently, there are no places in the surrounding area that cater to the said target audience.

III. Vision and Mission Statement
The vision of “The Coffee House” is to become the leading coffee shop in the area of Bonifacio Global City that is under the governance of Taguig city that also practices the “green” operation of its store and eventually provides a common area for business meetings, hang-out with friends and even a place for studying while enjoying the products of the business. The mission of “The Coffee House” is to bring back the appreciation of the masses to the local coffee, to break social norms through the business, to create an environment that can cater to different types of people all in the same time, to contribute to the development of one’s self being, to take part in the solution of environmental problems and to be able to encourage others in doing the same thing and lastly to help deflate the rise of unemployment in the country. Objectives

The proposed studies primary goals over the next year are as follows: 1. Secure financing for start-up of at least P1, 380,000 for space and equipment. 2. Renovate our space in Global City.
3. Acquire equipment necessary for business, i.e. coffee pots, cappuccino machines, blenders, etc. 4. Make agreement with coffee distributors, and bakery vendors. 5. Create a cozy, clean environment (i.e. choice of colors, choice of music, decor) 6. Open for another branches and become the foremost coffeehouse in the area. Ownership

The Coffee House is a corporation that was formed in the early stages of the study. Each individual are equally involved in the operation and management of the said proposed business.

Since the ownership type of the business is a corporation type, in terms of profit, responsibility and liability each individual has equal share, therefore each decision that the business will take before it will be implemented into the business the owners will first assess the proposed implementation before implementing it on a first hand basis and if the decision fails, each one of them will also share the consequences of it.

Location and Facilities
The Coffee House is located at the 38th Dr. N. University Parkway, Bonifacio North Triangle, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City. The proponents currently own the building that the proposed business will occupy.

Thus, expenses for the renovation of the area will be taken from the...
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