Coffee Time

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Bisniness Plan coffee shop «Coffee Time»
Entrepreneurship & New Venture Creation
by German Zaripov

Business plan coffee «COFFEE-TIME»



1. Summary of coffee
2. Characteristics of the industry and type of activities
3. Description of products
4. Competitor analysis
5. The marketing plan
6. Production plan
7. Organizational Plan
8. Risk assessment
9. Break-even analysis



Restaurants in Spain is one of the riskiest - high costs, competition, taxes. Catering to the admission of restaurateurs, this business - one of the most attractive.     The high dynamics of the restaurant market, like other consumer markets, is associated with growth in income, with the development of cultural visits to restaurants. The population of Spain used to the fact that "do not go to restaurants only on holidays, but just to have breakfast."     The most important, and sometimes the determining factor in the future success of the project, is the location of the room in which there will be a restaurant, and the restaurant is also the target audience.

1. Summary of coffee

Coffee is supposed to rent a room size of 100 square meters in city centre of Barcelona. This location is very convenient next too one of the largest shopping centers, located near office buildings, which is visited by hundreds of people. For the organization of the project will take five years, or business plan is calculated for 5 years. Strong leadership in the successful development of cases based on a large number of potential buyers, which are destined for the company. The skill level of the company specialists will provide good customer service. Café will be the main visitors buyers visiting shopping centers and office workers - the people of middle and high income, shop and breaks during the working day. The cozy interior, friendly staff and delicious coffee will create a beautiful, unforgettable atmosphere and will, by the way, people are tired of the process of shopping and working environment. Accommodation occupied by a coffee shop, will be leased under contract for a period of 5 years. This room needs a face lift and to create a cozy atmosphere stores. We believe that this is the most ideal location, as main visitors not only want to make a purchase, but also to relax. What could be better after a long search, a cup of hot coffee.

COFFEE-TIME - the standard of the coffee.

Coffee theme - the focus of the interior furnishing stores. A distinctive feature of COFFEE-TIME - stylish and unusual bar of precious dark wood, studded with natural coffee beans. Located over the bar chart of these coffee bags, which highlighted the key growing regions of coffee. Coffee list will delight connoisseurs of seven positions many varietes of Arabica coffee a few espresso blends and original coffee drinks. Professional and friendly baristas will help you to understand the rich and varied world of coffee. The concept of creating COFFE-TIME is to organize the coffee-shop chain, aimed at both the mass coffee lover, and the fans of the drink, with reasonable prices and a wide range of coffee and coffee drinks. COFFE-TIME feature is that it is not offered in our stores other assortment, except coffee, tea, mineral water and a variety of confectionery.  

The vision of the brand
 COFFE-TIME is a look at the modern culture of coffee consumption, which includes: -Quality coffee roasting their own;
- High-quality equipment from leading Italian manufacturers; - Professional Services

Ompetitive advantage

1. Quality coffee.
2. The speed with which you can get a quality coffee.
3. Accessibility and uniqueness of places where one can enjoy a quality coffee quickly, make purchases in places (shopping centers) 4. Two formats: stand-up bar and a coffee bar with an expanded range of confectionery products, where you can spend your time. 5. Design institutions, emphasizing its status and attention-coffee...
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