Comparison of Han Dynasty and Imperial Rome from 300BCE to 400BC

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Comparison of Han Dynasty and Imperial Rome from 300BCE to 400BC

Two classical empires were taking shape – the Roman Empire on the far western side of Eurasia and china’s imperial state on the far eastern end. They flourished at roughly the same time (200BCE to 200CE); they occupied a similar area (about 1.5 million square miles); they encompassed populations of a similar size (50 to60 million).The Han Dynasty and the Roman Empire were both giant empires of their time, shaping the lives of close to half the world’s population. From 300BCE to 400AD the history of the Han Dynasty of East Asia and the Roman Empire of the Mediterranean basin both had comparable and diverse political methods of control by using the military force of the legions while the Han Dynasty used the merit system through examinations to hold government office.

The political changes of the classical period of Roman Empire had an imperial theme. By the time of the Roman Empire; the ruling bodies of governance were a single military warlord called an emperor. Roman administration was a somewhat ramshackle affair, relying more on regional aristocratic elites and the army to provide cohesion. During the Roman Empire period, Rome was ruled by a series of emperors. Most emperors gained power though the military and many fought for power. Wars were fought between generals who killed other citizens in attempt to control power .Imperial riches empowered a small group of military leaders – Marius, Sulla, Pompey, Julius Caesar – who recruited their troops directly from the ranks of the poor and whose fierce rivalries brought revolts to Rome during the first century B.C.E. In the Roman Empire, nationalism was shown when Romans persecuted Christians and other conquered people by making them slaves. From the late Roman Republic into the Roman Empire, an emperor named Trajian extended the Empire to its greatest extent. The Roman Empire became the center of an enormous...
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