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Computer-Aided Design is one of the techniques used by Regal Marine in the manufacturing of boats. With the aid of examples, critically discuss FIVE (5) techniques that are important to the design of Regal Marine’s product. 1.0 Introduction

As all companies are conducting business in a highly dynamic and competitive environment, product design has become capital for every company. Product design is a key strategic activity because new products contribute significantly to sales revenue and profit. Even though Regal Marine is the third’s world boat manufacturer product design also concerns the company. Moreover, product design has become increasingly important in today's fast-paced and globally competitive environment because it allows an organization to increase its market share. Additionally, when firms develop distinctive products, they have opportunities to command premium pricing. Various techniques exist for product design that is important to the design of Regal Marine’s product (Heizer et. al, 2009:123). 1.1 Techniques for product design

Five of these techniques have been elaborated below:
1.1.1Computer-Aided Design – CAD
CAD is the use of computer systems to assist in the creation, modification, analysis, or optimization in designing a product (Wilkipedia, 2014:1).  Three-dimensional CAD technology may assist the designers’ of Regal Marine to increase their productivity and efficiency. For instance using this technique, Regal Marine can draw many advantages such as: Improvement in product quality of pleasure boats;

Shorter design time;
Reduced production cost;
Database availability;
Reduced error rate;
Increase the ergonomics aspects of the product;
Reduction in labour cost and other operating overheads.
However, some designers may argue that with CAD they do not have the feeling that they are making the product themselves, hence creating frustration. On the other hand, the management of Regal Marine can find CAD too expensive (Jawab, 2014:1). It has been proved that Computer-aided design improves the design process and allows the construction of high quality boats. Through this, Regal Marine can attain a competitive edge over its competitors, building its image, increasing sales and increasing profit. 1.1.2 Robust Design

Robust design concept is the idea of designing the ideal product by improving it as shown in figure 1 below:
Figure 1: Robust design reaches the highest reliability
Robust design develops a product that has minimal variance in its characteristics so that it meets the exact critical customer requirement and the predicted model. This concept also encourages the performing of a series of experiments. Moreover, robust design assists in ensuring that international standards are respected through an integrated computerized system. For example, robust design may look mainly at the size and shape of the boat as a whole (Prediction Probe, 2010:1). If the team of Regal Marine finds that there are defects as shown above, remedial actions may be taken, to meet the customer’s requirement and improve the quality of the boats. Robust design has been considered to be costly, time consuming and unproductive. It is vital to note that robust design is mostly recognized for its quality control as like quality function deployment (Prediction Probe, 2010:1). Thus, it helps Regal Marine to reduce cost and produce higher quality boats, thus, maximising customers’ satisfaction, increasing demand and increasing its market share. 1.1.3 Modular Designs

This concept refers to the design of the different components of a product separately, and tests each component in separate conditions. Regal Marine can use modular design as an approach by subdividing its product into smaller modules that can be independently handled (Feedburner, 2011:1). Modular designs offer flexibility. For example, Regal Marine can treat different issues separately such as engines design, hulls and decks design...
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