Criminal Justice and the Role of a Police Officer

Topics: Domestic violence, Crime, Protection Pages: 1 (322 words) Published: March 7, 2013
What should the investigating officers do next (list the investigative duties of the police officers from this point until the end of the investigation). The officer should have backup either with them or on the way until the scene is secure. The officer needs to control and disarm those involved in the altercation. The officer needs to provide medical aid to the injured. The officer needs to separate suspects and victims so that they may separately tell one another’s story. The officer must protect the crime scene. The officer must then give Miranda warning if applicable. The officer should obtain preliminary statements. The officer should photograph evidence and collect and preserve evidence. Then the officer should reconstruct the crime. Should the husband be arrested for this situation? Any evidence that would lead an officer to make an arrest in any other situation also applies to spousal situations. All states permit an arrest based on probable cause. Many states now mandate police to make an arrest in domestic violence incidents if there is a protective or restraining order against the attacker and some require an arrest even though no such order exists. What are the legal requirements that the police officers have to consider and follow? The officers have to follow if prior domestic violence involving each person. They have to check if the relative seriousness of the injuries inflicted upon each involved. The police of to make sure there is no potential for future injury and whether one of the alleged batteries was committed in self-defense. What physical or photographic evidence should be obtained in this situation? Physical evidence that should be taken is picture of the bruises on her arms and pictures around the areas of the house she was thrown like a rag doll. Is a protection order recommended in this case? A protection order is recommended in this case if the wife decides to press charges.
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