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Interview with a Medical Director
Chantay Woodley
HCS/235 Health Care Delivery in the US
November 18, 2013
Michelle Crakes

Interview with a Medical Director
In this interview the subject will be my physician for sleep apnea. Being diagnosed in back in 2010 it has been a constant struggle with this respiratory disease she has been a God sent to me. Dr. Amy R. Blanchard, a 19 year veteran in multiple fields including; pulmonary, sleep, critical care and internal medicines as well as graduated in 1994 from what was then the Medical College of Georgia, now her employer Georgia Regents University has impacted lives all across the C.S.R.A. with the expertise this chronic disorder that stricken those who suffer from it (amyblanchard.md.com, 2013). Meet the Doctor

Medical director of the MCG Sleep Disorder Center, Dr. Amy R. Blanchard is one of the most prestigious physicians in her field. Having almost over a double decade of experience including receiving her bachelors of science from the university of Georgia as well as being certified in critical care, sleep, internal and pulmonary medicines, she also holds other titles such as the associate professor of medicine to completing her residency for internal medicine in 1997 and later in 2000 doing her fellowship in pulmonary/critical care also at MCG. At the age of 46, Dr. Blanchard has obtained accomplishments and certifications, from recognition from the governor of Georgia thru the American college of chest physicians to achieving the director of the medical intensive care unit to her present position that gives her the discretion to practice anywhere in Georgia though her passion is to continue being a influential part of her hometown of Augusta (grhealth.org, 2013). Primary Job Description

As the director, Dr. Blanchard is in charge of the direct as well as the ongoing testing that the facility conducts on its patience’s. She has to assure that all staff is adequately trained whether...

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