Education Sussecc in Finland

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3170 Roman Novikov

Finland's education success

There lots of components which makes education system in Finland very successful. The schools in Finland are free, and besides that, they are providing free meals served to full-time students. The school system is based on trust between students and teachers, and there no selecting, tracking, or streaming students during their common basic education. Finland accepts diversity in schools, and there no so called “talented” classes like we have in the US. They don’t separate successful students and let them study together. Pupils are usually having a school near their homes whenever possible, and if they live far away, then they can get free transportation to schools. Our country is definitely will never have free transportation, because we here only focus on making money and in some cases do not see ahead. Teachers are trying to minimize low achievement by putting extra efforts to help those who are in need of additional assistance. The main idea is “less can be more”, which means if they teach pupils step by step, without overloading them with homework, then pupils can get more focused, and study material faster and better. There is a relaxed atmosphere in Finnish schools, and pupils enter school without shoes, like if it is their home. This creates a very warm atmosphere, and pupils like it. Pupils can call their teachers by first name without adding any other additional formal words, which give them more confidence and trust in their teachers. Trust is a very important component in Finland schools. There are no political standards which everybody should follow, and each school is very similar by their high standards to others. The school system set up very high standards in math and science, and also makes pupils study lots of languages, which make Finnish pupils more educated than pupils in other countries. Besides that, there are very high standards for teachers in math and science – they...
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