Gender Essay

Topics: Gender, Discrimination, Gender role Pages: 2 (499 words) Published: March 29, 2012
Gender Discrimination
Laws on woman’s rights have changed a lot since the 1900’s. Women weren’t allowed to vote, get an education, and have high authority in jobs. Now, women are allowed to do all of these things and more. But have things really changed, or are they just more hidden? There are three ways in which women are discriminated against: in the workplace, television, and in politics.

According to Napoleon Bonaparte “Nature intended women to be our slaves they are our property. Woman are nothing but machines for bearing children.” Even though Napoleon is dead, and has been for a while now, this way of viewing women is very much alive. Why is it that woman are paid less than men for doing the same jobs? For example, a male professional basketball player gets paid way more than a woman. A 2008 study of 63 countries shows that a woman in the same job as a man with the same responsibilities is paid 10% to 15.6% less then the man. Television plays a big part on the way that our country views woman. For example, in a commercial for pizza bites you see a women coming home from the grocery store with pizza bites, and making them for her children. Why is it that a man is never shown in the kitchen cooking for his children? Another example is on the show George Lopez. George manages an airplane parts factory, while his wife is a stay at home mom. The only thing you ever see her doing in this show is cooking, taking care of her kid, or arguing with her mother-in-law. In conclusion, women are stereotyped when cast for television roles. Television only shows woman, cleaning cooking, or taking care of their children. When it come to politics people can be very unwilling to change. For example we have never had a woman vice president or president. Each time we have a women run for president, I become more aware of gender discrimination in this country. Men will not vote for a woman candidate simply because she’s a woman. I had once seen a shirt stating: “No women...
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