Gender Roles in Iranian Culture Through Three Stages of Era

Topics: Gender role, Gender, Iran Pages: 3 (938 words) Published: May 19, 2008
The roles of the genders in the Iranians cultures is unique and remarkable .specially the roles of the women in these stages of era starts with different modes of life and classification of the community in last century .this means that women have been treated like second class of habitants. At the first glance we can review the role of women unfavorable and full of misery and degrading willfully by the ruling body in the country. Women were excluded and isolated from the daily life of the community of the daily activities. In the following I will discuss the gender roles in Iranian culture[which has oppression to women]in 3 periods of time; before the revolution,[during] the revolution, and after the revolution.

To review the stages women have been considered disrespectly not to have rights as the super gender (that means the man) leads to limitation of the choices of freedom of the decision to choose their out fit and dresses .According to the history of Iran, when the great king, "Reza Shah" came to power and ruled the country that was stepping backwards to 1000 years back, he started and enforced a new style of life to the women so they had their own wishes and pleasures came true. In this era most women have been through oppression were not capable to accept the new rules and freedom for women. Prior to the Revolution, three patterns of work existed among women. Among the upper classes, women either worked as professionals or undertook voluntary projects of various kinds. Whereas traditional middle-class women worked outside the home. Lower class women frequently worked outside the home, especially in major cities, because their incomes were needed to support their households. Iranian society before the Revolution practiced public separation of the sexes. Women generally practiced use of the chador (or veil) when in public or when males not related to them were in the house. In the traditional view, an ideal society was one in which women were confined to...
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