Green Mountain Coffee

Topics: Coffee, Coffee preparation, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Pages: 3 (1251 words) Published: September 12, 2013
It only takes one cup of coffee from Green Mountain Coffee to have not only a good morning, but a great one. The advertisement shows a hand holding a cup of Green Mountain Coffee. It is hovering over a lake with a green mountain forest surrounding it. The catchphrases “Good morning” is written above the cup of coffee and “Great morning” is in the front of the cup. The white steam from the coffee is rising upward in a winding formation upward towards the clouds as if the steam and clouds are one. Below the cup it says, ‘Everything is better with a great cup of coffee. Exceptionally smooth. Perfect balance. A harmonious blend of flavor, body, and aroma”. This advertisement works by its simplicity. By keeping it basic, it can get both male and female coffee drinkers to consider the product. Sometimes a simple advertisement can make a huge impact and attract the reader, rather than using flashy logos or slogans.

This is a great ad for Green Mountain coffee. It has a comforting appeal to it. For instance, ( (May, 2013) stated, “Sixty-eight of coffee drinkers have their first cup of coffee within the first hour of waking up”. In the ad, the sky and the water appear to be the same tranquil color attracting the reader to a feeling of calm when just getting up in the morning. The lush green forest surrounding the lake looks peaceful and welcoming inviting the reader to still have a calming escape while having their cup of morning coffee. During any time of day one would see the ad and be given the impression their following morning will be great if they drink a cup of Green Mountain Coffee to start their day. The target audience is definitely adults, who are the majority of coffee drinkers. The advertisement could even attract a reader who may be having a bad day and may see it as a form of comfort or encouragement that tomorrow will be a better day. There is a flow to the ad. The steam rising from the coffee...

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