Guest Service

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Guest Service
May 13, 2013

As a family and working at an Event and Wedding Planner company, we love to treat ourselves once or twice a month without the rush or pressure of being working. Now, with the information learn thru this class does a lot that is looked to have a clear understand of what is learned. The level of service we received during our dining experience are the expectation we have of a restaurant, they can be minimum, met, exceed and exceptional. Minimum – clean premises, staff present, seating available, meals available. Expectations met – pleasant aromas, friendly welcome, prompt attention, well presented staff. Expectation exceeds – friendly interaction, nice seating, chairs and tables, staff meals preferences, personal welcome and attention. Exceptional – personalized service, special seating and tables, special preferences accommodation in or not at the menu. Is important to know that to operate a successful restaurant is needed an excellent customer service, even when is very important to have a food quality and cleanliness service level, is good to have the greatest influence on the customer perception. People go back to restaurant with mediocre food and great service, but not when happen the opposite. A good example is when a hostess welcomes the customer with a friendly atmosphere, with a smile and pleasant greeting then the climate start to warm up, the server provide advice, explain the menu, ingredients and event affect the decision of the client providing an unique dining experience. But if is received with a broom or a vacuum cleaner, that will not give them a good impression to tell other their own good experience. The experience received during our recent dining experience it was very pleasant, as we get in the hostess welcome us in a very warm way showing us were we will be seated, her name and the server name in charge of the table, then as the well dressed hostess leave told...

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