Hamlet Essay

Topics: Human, Sleep, Reproduction Pages: 3 (989 words) Published: January 28, 2013
Hamlet Essay 2
By: Caitlin McIntyre

Human beings are multifaceted creatures. A human is made up of thousands of different elements, each one setting one person apart from another. One of these elements is one’s personality. Everyone is made up of thousands of personality traits, and therefore, it cannot be said that a person is good or evil and left at that. An animal follows three main principles of survival: eating, sleeping and breeding. In Shakespeare’s play Hamlet, the character of Hamlet states, “What is a man/ If his chief good and market of his time/ Be but to sleep and feed? A beast, no more.” (IV, iv, 33-35) Hamlet believes that if a person lives to eat, sleep and breed, they are no more than an animal. Hamlet is accurate in his theory as these three actions are the basics of an animal’s continued existence, meaning that a person who does the same must therefore be alike to an animal. In today’s world, people are content with just being. They would rather just get by than doing something worthwhile that takes extra effort. In Hamlet’s opinion, God created people with the ability to remember and the power to 58reason for a greater purpose than just existing. This is relevant to today’s society as people only want to eat, sleep, and breed instead of attempting to use their other abilities to their full potential.

Unless the animal is a pet, most are not lucky enough to get to eat the highest quality of food. This benefit takes extra time, leading animals to settle for food that is easily accessed and always available. In today’s society, people are acting more like animals in that eating aspect. Before modern development, humans would take the time to hunt and gather their food. They would be forced to spend more time creating new ways of cooking and discovering how to make food that would last. However, with everyone’s busy schedules, the time for this has gone basically extinct. Humans no longer need to find the time to cook and preserve...
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