Jacobs Krönung

Topics: Coffee, Caffeine, Coffee preparation Pages: 3 (994 words) Published: January 25, 2010
Jacobs Krönung

Case study: „Jacobs Krönung“
Jacobs Krönung-brand In Germany coffee has become the beverage, which is drunk the most, even more than bier and mineral-water. And beside lots of famous brands like Nescafé, Illy, German has also already created their own coffee brand “Jacobs Krönung”. For more than 40 years this brand has appeared as the most favored coffee of German. In 1895, Johann Jacobs opened in Bremen, Germany, his special shop with coffee, cacao, chocolates, biscuits. Then they developed their business with own roastfactory and until now they have been succeed to build the most popular German “Jacobs Krönung”- Jacobs coronation. Jacobs has provided coffee with the slogan “Verwöhnaroma” - “indulge aroma”. So the coffee aroma plays an essential role in the coffee producing process of Jacobs. It can be estimated, that Jacobs Krönung stand in Germany for the best coffee consumption with the “indulge aroma”, to young just as older coffee consumers. In 2000, they came up with a new technology, which makes the coffee aroma be able to be indulged in the cup even more. On the market, there is a Jacobs coffee variety for every taste and mood. The famous Krönung family of coffees provides everything from the deepest rich roast to the mildest blends. Whole bean, ground or instant; caffeinated or decaffeinated; enriched with European chocolate, cream and sugar, Jacobs coffee varieties are a coffee-drinker's delight. Communication strategy for the product launching Now the producer Jacobs has decided to extend its business in the new markets of northern Europe (Scandinavian). To bring the Germany coffee into these Northern Europe countries, at first they are supposed to research these market, namely the coffee culture and coffee consumption. In some countries, notably in northern Europe, coffee parties are a popular form of entertainment. Many people like holding coffee parties, where homemade cakes and pastries are served beside coffee. And link to one...
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