Jails And Prisons

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Jails And Prisons
Adam Putnam
February 18, 2014
Leroy Hendrix

Jails And Prisons
In the following paragraphs comparisons between the Rappahannock Regional Jail in Stafford County, Virginia and Federal Corrections Institution Petersburg Medium in Hopewell City, Virginia. The types of prisons will be identified. The major differences between the Rappahannock Regional Jail and FCI Petersburg Medium will be examined. Jail and prison culture and subculture as well as the violent behavior that can stem from it will be discussed. An explanation of why jails play an important role in the correctional system will be given. The role of community based programs associated with jails and prisons will be visited. Probation and parole and the roles they play will also be explored. Jails

Rappahannock Regional Jail is located in Stafford County, Virginia. The jail is an adult corrections facility which serves the needs of Stafford County, Spotsylvania County, King George County, and the City of Fredericksburg ("About Rjj", n.d.). Offenders are brought to this location after their initial arrest. Offenders who are sentence by the courts to serve less than one year of jail time are also housed at this facility. The jail has a maximum inmate population of two thousand ("About Rjj", n.d.). It has a daily inmate county of over one thousand one hundred inmates ("About Rjj", n.d.). It also runs alternative to incarceration programs such as community based probation, pre-trial supervision, Drug Court, home electronic incarceration and work release programs ("About Rjj", n.d.). Roughly one thousand six hundred residents of counties in which the jail serves are supervised under the alternative to incarceration programs ("About Rjj", n.d.). Originally, jails were only meant to hold suspects after arrest and pending trial (Schmallager, 2011). Today, the jails serve other important roles in the criminal justice system. In addition to still serving their original purpose, they also readmit probation, parole and bail-bond violators (Schmallager, 2011). On a temporary basis, jails will also detain juveniles, the mentally ill, and others who are awaiting transfer to facilities more capable of handling these unique individuals (Schmallager, 2011). They can be utilized to hold offenders for the military, for protective custody, for contempt, and for the courts as witnesses (Schmallager, 2011). Jails transfer inmates to federal, state, or other facilities (Schmallager, 2011). They are sometimes used to house inmates for federal and state corrections facilities due to overcrowding in the prisons (Schmallager, 2011). Jails also utilize community based corrections programs such as those mentioned above (Schmallager, 2011). One very important role that jails play is the housing of offenders’ sentenced to short term sentences generally under one year in an effort to help alleviate prison overcrowding (Schmallager, 2011). Prisons

Federal Corrections Institution Petersburg Medium is a corrections facility operated by The United States Bureau of Prisons ("Fci Petersburg Medium", n.d.). It is a medium security facility which has stronger perimeters than a minimum security or a low security facility ("Bop: Federal Prisons", n.d.). This often includes double fences with electronic detection systems. The housing is mostly cell-type housing. It also runs a multitude of work and treatment programs ("Bop: Federal Prisons", n.d.). FCI Petersburg Medium houses a total of one thousand six hundred and ninety two male offenders ("Fci Petersburg Medium", n.d.). It does not have alternative to incarceration programs like the ones mentioned in the description of Rappahannock Regional Jail. Offenders who are sentenced to one or more years may be sentenced to this facility. The facility does have a Commissary. It stores funds deposited by family, friends, or other sources in a bank like account which can then be utilized to...

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