Job Safety Analysis

Topics: Personal protective equipment, Accident, Safety Pages: 3 (361 words) Published: December 5, 2012

Job safety analysis

1. Date : /dd/mm/yy
2. Job Location: Cast House. VAL-Jharsuguda
3. Job Details : Thermograph Test of Tilting Furnace
4. Description of the Job to be carried out: Thermograph Test of Tilting Furnace Requirement of All Personal Protective Equipments and Else:
1. Safety Helmet. 2. Safety Shoe. 3. Electrical Rubber Hand Gloves 4. Flash Proof Jacket 5. Safety Google 7. Dust Mask / Respirator 8. Fire Extinguisher |Sr. No. |Steps involved in doing the job |Hazard Identification |Controls - How can the hazards be prevented? |Siemens Safety Dept.| | | |What could go wrong | |Remarks | |1 |Job related work permit to be received from |Fill all points given in work permit and |Before executing the job work permit should be | | | |VAL concern Department |check the appropriate action to minimize |taken and check all points for prevent the | | | | |the work related hazards, otherwise this |potential of hazards | | | | |could lead an accident | | | |2 |Tool Box Talk / SOP / SWP |Before Executing the job all working |Tool Box Talk should be given by Concerned | | | | |personnel should be undergone through |Engineers, supervisors and or Sr.Technicians. | | | | |proper knowledge regarding potential of |The communication Language should be...
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