Justinian was a Byzantine Emperor

Topics: Roman Empire, Byzantine Empire, Justinian I Pages: 3 (1143 words) Published: January 6, 2015
Justinian was a Byzantine Emperor who helped to renew the Byzantine Empire that would leave an eternal legacy for Western Civilization. During Justinian’s reign, the Byzantine Empire was at a time of decline. With Justinian’s visions, he was able to lay out a foundation that would help the Byzantine Empire live for many years to come. Justinian was born in 483 AD at Tauresium in Illyricum in the Balkans of what is now central Europe. He was the nephew of Emperor Justin. His uncle Justin had passed over the duties of governing the Empire to his wife Lupicina, and nephew Justinian. Justinian worked hard and rose in his uncle’s government. He studied in Constantinople and became consul in 521. He married his wife Theodora in 523 and rose to general-in chief of the Byzantine Empire in April 527. That same year, his uncle, Justin died and Justinian became the new Emperor. Justinian had dreamed of restoring the Roman Empire in Europe so he immediately set out to secure and expand the weakening Byzantine Empire. The only way Justinian could achieve his goal was by retaking control over the Western provinces that were once ruled by Rome. His first challenge to conquest in the West was to end warfare in the Persian Empire. The two empires had been long time rivals in the Middle East and had battled often During the 400?fs, both the Romans and the Persians struggled to cope with invasions from outside groups. But in 502, conflict re-ignited between them. From 502-505, the Byzantines, led by Justinian fought the Persians and then again from 527-532. This revisited conflict of warfare between the two rival empires ended when the Byzantines fought the Persians to a standstill and ordered them to accept a peace treaty With peace now in the East, Justinian appointed General Belisarius to lead an army and re-conquer the western Roman provinces. In 533, Belisarius army smashed the Vandals and took over North African provinces and sent their King, Gelimer, back to...
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