laissez faire leadership

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Laissez Faire Leadership
Managers and supervisors who adopt the laissez-faire leadership style delegate responsibility for the accomplishment of work objectives and decision-making power to their employees. For example, a CEO of a large, new-car dealership may allow departments -- such as NEW CAR SALES, used car sales and service -- to operate on their own without his direct supervision. In this case, the CEO sets expectations for the departments' operations, revenues and costs and provides the needed resources to accomplish particular business objectives. However, the department managers and employees determine how they will achieve the objectives. Implementation of Laissez-faire Leadership

This laissez-faire system works best in groups of experienced, educated and highly skilled employees such as staff specialists or consultants who are accustomed to working in team environments. In our example of the car dealership, the NEW CAR SALES, used car sales and service department teams each possess specific skills and have received specialized training. So each team may work best when it establishes its own work schedules, works independently and makes decisions as a group, rather than at the direction of its CEO. In this example, laissez-faire leadership is especially effective because many department problems are well defined, a course of action is frequently predetermined, resources are readily available and limited CEO interaction is required for the team to work effectively. Advantages of Laissez-faire Leadership

“Hands-off” leadership allows each team's skilled members to brainstorm to identify appropriate solutions to problems and implement these decisions rapidly. As a result, the business avoids the cost involved in some meetings, such as the opportunity cost of not completing other tasks, missed sales calls and lost customer face time. Laissez-faire leadership works well in a creative environment where employees are free to implement innovative...
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