Morning Speech

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I am honored to receive the 'favorite time of day' award from John Smith. My purpose today is to tell you why waking up early in the morning is my favorite time of day. Not only is it the moment I wake up to a smiling two year old, but it is also the moment my son allows me to cuddle with him without pushing away; and the moment I get to give him some kisses without him wiping them away with his hand.

I will hold this award very dear to my heart because waking up every morning to my smiling son is the best gift I will ever receive. He is usually awake between the hours of 6 and 7am. Which means by the time I go to bed I usually get in five to six hours of sleep at night. It makes me one tired mommy throughout the day but seeing his smiling face in the morning when I wake up makes it worth not being able to sleep in. His smile is contagious and no matter what busy day I have planned his smile sets the day in a positive direction.

This rewards does not go without knowing that many of you do not experience your mornings in a similar way. For me my mornings are waking up to his smiling face and whispering 'good morning' while he lays back down for some cuddle time. Depending on how hungry and thirsty he is I usually get a couple of minutes to relish in cuddling. This moment melts all the stress away and allows me to just feel grateful. Grateful that I was given this opportunity to have such a sweet boy.

During my cuddle time with my two year old I get to steal in some kisses. Most mothers I know find this is hard to come by since kids this age are at a point where mommy kisses are a nuisance. I'm usually met with resistance and afterwards my son wipes away the kisses like it's a disease that is forbidden on his skin. But this moment in the morning is a safe haven where mommy kisses are allowed.

In conclusion I have discussed why the moment I wake up early in the morning is my favorite time of the day. It gives me the opportunity to wake up next to...
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