Mother and Staff Member

Topics: Mother, Sleep, Flight attendant Pages: 3 (769 words) Published: May 1, 2013
Vignette- Independence


My vision was blurry. I heard thousands of voices overlapping each other, people rushing around carrying their luggage, bumping into one another. In order not to get trampled by the crowd, my mom and i hurried to the counter. ‘She’s an unaccompanied minor’ my mother explained to the staff behind the counter. They took a while to arrange the documents, and gave us a slight nod. ‘A staff member will bring her to the lounge, you don’t have to worry.’ she said, giving us a warm smile. I hugged my mother for the last time and followed the staff member through security. There was nothing I could do, i was alone now: me, myself and i. The lounge provided me with snacks and drinks. However, the silence that hung in the room brought a sense of loneliness in me. It was time for boarding. I followed a group of minors to the gate and waited. The waiting felt like hours, just sitting there just watching, observing: Mothers carrying their babies, comforting them when they had the urge to cry; Fathers holding shopping bags on one hand, passports and boarding passes on the other; Children sitting together, happily playing their card games.


It was around four hours before the flight attendant dimmed the lights. The people scurried across the aisle, getting ready for ‘bed’. I laid there staring at the ceiling, wondering what will happen after i arrive and the responsibilities i had to take on, everything was going too fast. The seat was hard , i rolled and rolled trying to find a comfortable position to sleep in. My legs stretched too far front that i had to bend my knees, and each time i opened my eyes, i could only see emptiness in front of me, darkness surrounding me. Dinner was served. I ate pasta with shrimp, it tasted awful. The shrimp was bland whilst the pasta was dry. I wished for my fathers delicious beef noodles, there was always a fragrance of freshly brewed beef soup, a flavor that was infused into the noodles. The...
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