Mr. Dennis Ravago

Topics: Pollution, Natural environment, Biodiversity Pages: 1 (269 words) Published: September 14, 2014
How to Protect the Environment

Students, the most powerful stratum of the society, knows the importance of environment and nature sustainability. Nature has given us with all the resources to which maximum beneficiary is human beings. Nature has full proof system of protection of all the creatures and environment subject to check on excessive pollution and resources utilisation.

Students understand the need for protecting environment and they are prepared to fight against the contamination of atmosphere as today’s student is tomorrow's citizen. They show the consciousness and save the various energy sources by going on foot or bicycle to schools and other places. Students may Go to bed in the evening no sooner sun sets. They may develop the habits of Reading and writing in day lights. With their efficient skills of interaction with other parts of the society, they communicate to the society about need for protecting environment. Students may promot use of cold water in day to day activities if temperature/atmosphere permit. Students need to promote the plantation in surrounding areas. They should help the government and non government organisation in preventing pollution from the society by actively participating in programmes and by giving the informations of those who pollutes the environment.

Students in all disciplines of education may contribute some from the knowledge in the area of their expertise. They make creative contribution to arrest pollution and protect environment. It is not only industrial pollution but the pollution from various day to day operations that needs checking for protecting environment. Thus student can play a pivotal role in changing the scenario of protecting environment.
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