Planning and Threat Assessment

Topics: Central Intelligence Agency, Protection, Concealed carry in the United States Pages: 5 (1852 words) Published: June 21, 2009
Planning and Threat Assessment

I.Universal Protection Agency
Universal Protection Agency is a 20 person firm specializing in providing safety and security. Only 8 of the 20 employees will be working on Mr. Smith’s protection plan due to other clientele requiring the services of the other employees. Our staff consists of individuals with various skills and/or talents. Each of our employees have received Masters Degrees in their areas of expertise and have years of experience in providing protection to individuals, families, organizations, and communities. We provide Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) like security as many of our employees are former CIA agents or from other law enforcement agencies. Government officials, sports entertainers, and famous people frequently hire us to provide security for their home, business, or travel. II.Planning and Threat Assessment Plan for Principle Smith

A threat assessment team was established and their duties are to assess, plan, manage and control the risk in order to protect Principle Smith and his estate. The protection of Mr. Smith’s estate at Laguna Beach is in need of constant protection and we are to plan the safe expedition from his home and back the day of his trial. The threat assessment team will be responsible for the safety of Mr. Smith regardless of their personal feelings towards this man. III.The Threat Assessment Team

The following individuals will be in charge of assessing and providing security for Mr. Smith’s home and his travelling to and from the court house. Dianna Kirkland (myself), Head of Security Detail, former CIA Intelligence Collection Analyst

John, former CIA Intelligence Collection Analyst
Sean, former CIA Counter Terrorism Analyst
Abby, Former CIA Technical Analyst
Julie, former CIA Political Analyst
Shawna, also former CIA Political Analyst
Beverly, also former CIA Intelligence Collection Analyst
Jason, former CIA Weapons Specialist
Ryan, former CIA Weapons Specialist
In addition to the 8 person team, they have individuals who they often consult or hire on their own to assist in the protection of the client. The team will prepare to prevent and/or respond to: violence, terrorism, car collisions, kidnapping, and other identified threats mentioned in the assessment below for the expedition to and from the court proceedings. The team has also devised a recommended plan of safety for the home of Mr. Smith. The threat assessment team will begin its work by reviewing previous incidents of violence in similar situations and they will analyze and review looking for patterns in hopes of identifying and preventing attacks. Additionally the team will inspect the work, home, courthouse, surrounding buildings then evaluate the employees to determine the danger of their presence. IV.Assessment Results for Mr. Smith’s home

After careful consideration and extensive research we have identified the following risk for Mr. Smith’s home and taken the mentioned precautions to prevent any break in or other disaster from occurring to his home. Abby, Jason, and Sean set up the technical equipment themselves to protect Mr. Smith and to guarantee the proper installation of the equipment. 1.All doors and windows have been replaced. The doors and windows are bullet proof with alarms attached to each window and door. 2.Alarms have been placed throughout the house.

3.Security cameras have been installed throughout the house and for the surrounding outside areas. 4.Smoke and fire detectors have been placed throughout the house. 5.Motion detectors have been installed inside and outside of the home. 6.Photoelectric detectors have been placed throughout the house. 7.Intercom systems have been placed throughout the house.

8.Mr. Smith has been asked to take a course to obtain a concealed weapons permit. 9.The beach itself is under surveillance as well as the surrounding waters. 10.Two guards will remain at the house and/or beach area at all...
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