Prison Comparison Contrast Paper

Topics: Prison, World War II, Great Depression Pages: 2 (724 words) Published: May 9, 2012
Society’s legal system before the 1700s was very different from what it is today, and punishment has made a huge turn around that is almost unbelievable to study. Criminals have gone from cruel and harsh punishment to obtaining on bail or just pay a fine for their crimes. In modern times, society is use to see criminals paying for their crimes in prison doing two years, 10 years, and sometimes life. The Prison system is very modern compare to the old punishment criminals use to obtain. Physical punishment was use back in history as well as corporal punishment and capital punishment. Laws have change within time creating too many rights for the criminal and giving light punishment. Punishment and the correction system make drastic changes every century, and the understandings of both are complicated do to their changes. A part of society wants harsh punishment to comeback and the other big part are not agreeing with incarceration it all. Imprisonment later changes into corrections in the mid-1950s because punishing and treating criminals became an industry. Before the 1950s there was the great depression in the 1930s and it was the nation great concern. During the great depression The United States got involved in World War II and many Prison populations declined. Many young men had the opportunity to choose between serving time in prison or joining the military and get send to war. The Prison Industries Branch of the war production started in December 1941 managing and supervising the industrial labor and production of agricultural output in the federal prisons. In 1942 only 10% convicts were working in prison industries. Prisoners were manufacturing war equipment and artillery, and later they obtain recognition for their patriotism and “can do” mentality. Many prisoners volunteer extra hours so they can help during the war. In the 1940s War World II was good for prisoners and prison labor. Many prisoners got the opportunity to show the public in the outside the...
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