Pros and Cons

Topics: Prison, Death Penalty, Crime Pages: 2 (495 words) Published: April 27, 2010
Pros and Cons of the Death Penalty


1. The Death Penalty allows families that have been suffering some closure. 2. Helps lessen the problem of overpopulated prisons.
3. Provides a deterrent for inmates already on Death Row. 4. Justice is better served.
5. Prisoner parole or escapes allows for another chance to kill. 6. Give a chance to prosecutors in bargaining in the plea bargain process. In the state of California there are too many liberals that make rules for California’s Criminal Justice System. They Show more Sympathy for the inmates rather than the victims. Rather than having room for criminals we pay money to keep prisoners on death row for life, it’s a waste of money! In prisons Death Row inmates have single cells, with televisions and being pitied. Criminals on Death Row are on life sentences for a specific reason because they can’t be civil. Crime rates in the Golden State are high because we allow prisoners to have better lifestyles in prisons rather than out in the free world. 1. By families having closure means that seeing the person(s) put death would only be fair. Other words “Eye for an eye”. Someone takes someone else’s life then their life should be garnished as well. 2. A majority of the problem in California is too many prisoners on Death Row. Having too many people means fewer places for other criminals. Why keep a man alive whose killed and killed and killed no explanation. 3. By having a Death Penalty crime rates would decrease, people would not want to be committed of killing cause they would die as well. CONS

1. Many say it is useless, it would not bring a lost one back to life. 2. Violates our Constitutional Right (Cruel and Unusual punishment). 3. Cost of taxpayers of capital crimes are 2-3 times more than it is for keeping them incarcerated for life. 4. By killing someone for killing someone dose not show right from wrong. 5. Possibility of...
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