Psy270 Wk2 Clinical Assessment

Topics: Need, Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Personality disorder Pages: 3 (901 words) Published: August 18, 2013
Clinical Assessment |
Marcia Brandon|
Professor Ferguson PSY270 August 4, 2013|

Clinical Assessment
Mr. and Mrs. Lawson brought their 4-year-old adopted daughter, Clara, to see Dr. Mason, a psychiatrist. Clara was polite in greeting Dr. Mason, but did not smile and kept her gaze down as she took a seat. Mr. and Mrs. Lawson sat next to Clara and began explaining their concerns. They described Clara as a quiet child who has recently begun throwing temper tantrums, during which she is inconsolable. Her sleep and eating patterns have changed, and she no longer wants to go to preschool. Create a brief response to each of the following questions:

What other information would you like to learn during the interview with the family? What questions would you ask? Questions I would ask wound include what triggered the tantrums? Was she bored at school? Has she been experiencing night terrors? What is her activity level? Is this activity level constant or does it change over time? Is she eating more or less? What is a general day for Clara? Is most of her day scheduled or does she have a lot of free time? Is she sleeping more or less? Have there been any major changes to the environment at home or at school? What forms of communication have the parents tried? Had anything happened at school that would make her not want to attend? Not only would I ask these questions but I would want to know about her adoption and as much information possible about her life before the adoption, such as if she spent any time with her real parents or other members of the family. I would also like to know if Clara knows that she is adopted and possibly struggling with that. With her being only four years old it can be very difficult for a child to go through so many changes, and not understand why these changes are happening. Obtaining as much information is very important as her problems could be as simple as her not understanding what is going on in her life, and...
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