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Personally, my work is directly impacted by all of the above every day. Codes of Practice and Occupational Standards form our agency’s mission, vision and values. Legislation dictates our level and quality of care. Government initiatives impact the people we serve. For example, a code of practice in action, and in a very general sense - may be staff supporting, but also providing the tools, for individuals to become more independent. Too much support, they would learn dependence. Tools alone without support, they may not understand how to use them or when to use them. Occupational Standards would be a general guide for each career within a given field that expresses the foundational do and don'ts for each. Example, we would provide a minimum amount of service, documented and within the guidelines for the individual, while if we offered additional services that are needed and appropriate to the individual that would be good. Laws protect for the most part. Most laws are based on safety. So legislation that offers greater protection for the people we serve, and laws that provide a clear expectation for staff - which if we follow judiciously, also protects us - are incorporated into all daily activities and decisions. We do not restrain. That is protection for the individual. Government Initiatives - well, that's a pretty general term as well which could also be interpreted in many different ways. Initiatives - I think of entitlement programs. Social Security, SSI, Welfare, WIC, HEAP, HUD, etc. THese programs - governmental initiatives - provide additional support to persons at or below the poverty level, to help them to have necessities. Food. Clothing. Rent. Heat. The basics. Things that people who are on fixed incomes may only be able to afford 2 of the 4 or 3 of 4. These initiatives - begun in the 1950's I believe, bridge the gap and secure human dignity for the most vulnerable in every population. Some, not all, persons with disabilities, utilize these...
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