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Starbucks Mission: Social Responsibility and Brand Strength
Almost every brand in existence today can be reduced to the status of a commodity Strengths

Product diversification

Established logo, developed brand,copyrights, trademarks, website and patents ●
Company operated retail stores,International stores (no franchise) ●
High visibility locations to attract customers

Valued and motivated employees, goodwork environment

Good relationships with suppliers

Industry market leader


Customer base loyalty

Product is the last socially acceptedaddiction

Widespread and consistent

Knowledge based

Strong Board

Strong financial foundation

Well developed company
Starbucks Coffee Company is a well known brand which is the largest coffeehouses company in the world. And Starbucks is a very profitable firm since the total net revenue of Starbucks is increased 10% to $2.8 billion in 2011 second quarter. Environmentally friendly

The organization has strong ethical values, commitment to the environment, and community activists. And it mission statement as follows, 'Starbucks is committed to a role of environmental leadership in all facets of our business.'

Premium Quality and ambience
The target market associates Starbucks as the premiere brand for coffee, so that it accumulate extensive loyalty customer. Moreover, customer not only think Starbucks as a premiere brand, but they come for the ambience. They come for the great service and the overall atmosphere provided. Having this atmosphere established is a huge advantage.

Huge workforce
Starbucks enjoy the position of having high brand equity as well as satisfied employees. Starbucks is listed in the Fortune’s top 100 companies to work in. It show that company developed a good employment condition to their staff in order to ensure their customer service quality and attract quality employee. Globalization sourcing

Starbucks take the advantage of an...
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