Topics: Honour, Social class, Robin Hood Pages: 1 (394 words) Published: April 1, 2002
The themes of "Robin Hood" are many and complex. Robin hood has the theme of chivalry through out its pages. Every word empowers the average person to stand up to a evil government that oppresses its people. The themes are rich and interesting, that's what makes robin hood a good story. They deal with feelings and emotions that do really happen to average people. The themes have importance to us all and can be truly entertaining when done in a clever way.

Robin Hood showed many of these signs of chivalry, the way most of us show these signs of are morals, through actions. Stealing from the rich giving to the poor was one of the many ways robin hood showed his good nature. Another way was to court Made Marian, which on its own is a very cheval act. One of the mane rules of chivalry state that you must treat the farer sex with good taste he did this with Made Marian. His good nature and act of honor made Robin Hood a cheval man.

Robin Hood was a chivalry kind of guy, helping people fight evil and ridding the countryside of a terrible king. Probably the best reason of his chivalry was his act of standing up to the evil king. He saw that there was a unjust situations and he had to take a role in taking that government down. He organized a legion of men to do this act of chivalry. He took chances to get deeds accomplished and he gloriously accomplished those things. The king, even though robin should have been honoring him, was evil and that's why robin had to do what he did.

Another one of the Robin Hood themes is one of empowerment. It is with this theme that the lower classes get recognized as a strong entity in today's society. This theme has the strongest meaning to the lower class as it being that they are finally represented. And represented they are, with robin hood leading them they overtake there feudalistic government.

Robin hood has many interesting themes it would take along time to tell about them all. These are just a few of the...
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