Roller Skating

Topics: Injury, Injuries, Accident Pages: 4 (1283 words) Published: June 11, 2013
Roller skating

On Saturday morning, I was awaken by my sons because they want heading out the door for their morning skating. Actually when I was young, I did like the roller skating very much. Somebody maybe confused with rollerblading and inline skating. There are few differences but mostly a matter of preference. Inline skating is more of an adult activity, and roller skating is more of child activity. Roller skating is with four wheels, two in front and two in back. Rollerblading and inline skating are the same with the wheels in one row lined up behind each other. CPSC (U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission) statistics (Aldred, p.477) regarding people’s death and injury from roller or inline skating indicates more preventive and protective gears are needed in the skating activities. In my opinion, preventive measures should be a priority in order to reduce the risk of being injured in the roller skating. First, preventive measures are to reduce the accidents occurring in the first place. There are two distinct kinds of gear, preventive gear such as light reflecting materials and protective gear such as helmets. Preventive gear is intended to warn others, presumably for the most part motorists. Protective gear is intended to reduce the effect of any accident, whether it is caused by another, the skater or some force of nature. Protective gear does a little, if anything, to prevent accidents but is presumed to reduce the injuries that occur in an accident. Second, preventive measures help skaters to improve. Skaters have really different levels of experience, skill and physical coordination. It is entirely possible that further research would indicate that most serious injury is averted by the skater’s ability to react quickly and skillfully in the emergency situations. Denise does encourage the beginners to master basic skills such as how to stop properly (Schipani, 2007, p.77). For my understanding, it is better to take the lessons from a...

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