Roman Empire and Han Dynasty

Topics: Roman Empire, Han Dynasty, Silk Road Pages: 2 (427 words) Published: September 21, 2010
The Roman Empire and the Han Dynasty were two of the most powerful civilizations to rule over their empires. Both the Han Dynasty and the Roman Empire had tremendous amounts of accomplishments, they both ended in total destruction, but they both differed in how they achieved there power, the Han Dynasty gained their power through Legalism, and the Roman Empire became successful using a republic government.

The accomplishments of the Han Dynasty and the Roman Empire are both astounding. Augustus, the first emperor of the Roman empire, had ended hundreds of years of civil war, he increased nd increased trade and commerce. After time passed another line of power started by Vespasian was recognized as the golden age of the Roman Empire. While all of this was happening in the Roman empire, the east was growing rapidly, known as the Han Dynasty. The Han Dynasty received as much success and accomplishment as the Roman Empire. Liu Bang, was a well liked leader, he lowered taxes, called for less needs of labor from the state, and carefully picked loyal officers. The Han Dynasty eventually opened a famous road known as the Silk Road. Overall, the Han Dynasty and the Roman Empire were very successful civilizations.

Even though the Roman Empire and the Han Dynasty were both very successful, you can only have so much luck, and it only lasts so long. For the Roman Empire, the beginning of the end was when the emperor Commodus had violent practices, and didnt respect the leaders. He was later assassinated. The Romans began to lose power, were submerged in debt when they tried to buy the loyalty of the army, and it was a downward spiral in all areas. The Han dynasty, considered by scholars had ended due to the loss of the mandate of heaven, because the people of the Han Dynasty believed in Confucianism, everything turned to chaos, when the emperor wasnt in touch with the gods. The Roman empire and the Han dynasty were both very successful and powerful civilizations but...
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