Roman Roads

Topics: Ancient Rome, Concrete, Roman roads Pages: 2 (538 words) Published: August 29, 2009
Compare/contrast Roman roads to modern roads

The Romans created many useful objects that people use today. For example, they created arches, domes, pizza, and many other great things. The strong Roman road stuck out in my mind because we use roads everyday. The modern road wouldn't be strong and durable enough if the tough Roman road wasn't created.

One of the secrets behind the Roman road's success is the materials used to form it. The bottom layer of the mighty Roman road, called the fossa, is made up of fine dirt. The middle layer, called the pavimentum, is crafted with gravel or sand. The second to top layer, known as the radus, is made with fine concrete. The top layer, called the summum dorsum, is made with flat stones and concrete. Our modern roads are made with crushed rock, known as arggregate, at the bottom. Then there is the base, which is a huge layer of concrete in the middle. Lastly, there is the pavement, called the super pave, at the top. Both Roman roads and modern roads have had many uses. One usage of the roads is for transportation of people. Another usage is the transportation of food and supplies. Lastly, both the Roman road and the modern road have been used for parades.

There are quite a few similarities between Roman roads and modern roads. One of the similarities is that both are made up of a mixture of rocks and concrete. Also, both last a long time and are only only fixed when needed. Likewise, both usually have a drainage system on the sides of the road. Lastly, both supported parades when they were used.

There are also differences between the Roman road and the modern road. For instance, Roman roads are older than modern roads and last longer. Also, modern roads have covered drains, while Roman roads have coverless ditches. Furthermore, Roman roads have tightly fitting stones on the surface while modern roads are paved on the surface. Lastly, Romans used horse drawn carriages, oxen drawn carriages, or...
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