Room Description Essay

Topics: Blessed Virgin Mary, Emotion, Mary Pages: 2 (429 words) Published: March 7, 2013
This room used to exist. It used to be so full of color, joy, and life. This room used to drown in happiness and laughter. It used to shine through its’ childhood days and always received love and new things. Now it struggles to stay noticeable and alive through all the changes life has. Never allowing reality to break its’ heart. (steal its’ breath) This room is still standing because it protects itself by being relaxed, , and spiritual (faith).

The mood(atmosphere) of the room is always relaxed. The rooms’ neutral colors of brown and beige do not brighten up the room but keep it calm. The walls are not hot pink and lime green anymore but a soft cream color. There are no more band posters or pictures hanging up. Therefore the walls are left naked and the once colorful room is no more and is now bare. The stereo in the corner no longer plays loud music. Now the sounds of soft piano and Mozart fill the room. In the center of the room lys a bed covered in blankets made of satin and pillows filled with feathers. This room has no new emotions and remains peaceful.

Relaxation gives the room the feeling of wanting to be

This room is filled with faith. The chances of you losing faith are slim to none. The pictures of Jesus and the Virgin Mary just sit there on the dresser covered in dust. On the bookcase there are statues of saints aligned from left to right like the words in the bible that sits beside them. Metal crosses hover over the bed and doors trying to ease the pain of bystanders. Rosaries are everywhere and every pearl bead symbolizes(represents) a different prayer. The prayers that are only spoken by angels consume the room. Although the words seem so clear, they will never be understood by non-believers. This room lifts all evil spirits and faith is achieved at its’ full potential in here.

The protective state of this room will always be there and it will remain relaxed, , and spiritual. What was once a room full of laughter and happiness is now...
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