Sleep Deprivation, Disorders and Drugs

Topics: Sleep, Circadian rhythm, Sleep deprivation Pages: 4 (1115 words) Published: September 26, 2010
Running head: Sleep Deprivation, Disorders and Drugs

Sleep Deprivation, Disorders and Drugs
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There was a time when I was not getting sleep; it affected almost every aspect of my being and definitely my personality. Reading the text written by Pinel, I realize many of the descriptions of sleeplessness fit those very memorable, yet miserable days. My opinion on my reaction to sleeplessness concurred fairly well with the text, though I did not consider myself to have any sleep disorders, nor did I feel that I needed medication for it.

Almost six years ago I gave birth to my daughter. Of course, what followed were endless sleep interruptions during the night. Eventually I started getting used to the waking every two hours, breast feeding approximately 45 minutes and reverting back to sleep with the knowledge I would be awakened within the hour. After conforming fairly well to the intermittent sleep, my neighbors adopted a dog that would not stop barking, day or night.

Much of the text coincided with my experience. My mood would be deemed as extremely bad and similar to a low for depressed individuals. My behavior was lethargic, not similar to the behavioral personality of whom I once was. My cognitive skills plummeted, especially in the memory, comprehension, and speech portions. My motor skills lacked the precision, swiftness, and attention they once provided. Oh, and the dog if you were wondering, drove me to absolute wits end. I, mentally crazed, drove over to neighbor’s house as if I were in a NASCAR race, and rang the doorbell repeatedly until the owner answered the door. I yelled as loud as I could, “Should I believe you can hear your doorbell but not your damn barking dog!” Ultimately, I was an unrecognizable person to everyone around me, including myself.

Now and prior to the above sleepless episode, my experience with the circadian sleep theory was not dead on, mostly because I was a night...
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