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Topics: Coffee, Service design, Starbucks Pages: 8 (2083 words) Published: July 1, 2015
Edinburgh Napier University
BA (Hons) Hospitality & Service Management
TSM 09904 Service Management

Pacific Coffee

Lecturer: Dr. Ros Sutherland
Local Tutor: Dr. Vincent C.S. Heung
Student name: Wong man Yee (Samantha)
Matriculation No: 40187707
Year and Class: 2015, BAHSM 1B
Date of submission: 24th March, 2015
Word Count: 2013 WORDS


These slides are the introduction of this assessment which is talking about the aim, objective and briefly Pacific Coffee background. This PowerPoint is using the Pacific Coffee as the example to analysis the effective use of physical evidence in a service environment which will be using servicescape and service encounter as the theory to analysis the topic. The aim of this assessment is use physical evidence to identify the service environment, those physical evidence included the organization’s facilities, advertising, staff uniform etc. The objectives are analyses the importance of service environment in a service management and use the example to figure out Pacific Coffee how to achieving the overall goal of service excellence, for example: fulfill the customer and employee needs and wants.

Slides four is talking about the Pacific Coffee background. Pacific Coffee Company (PCC) is a Pacific Northwest U.S.-style coffee shop. In 1992 first Pacific Coffee was opened in the Bank of America Building in Central. Founder hopes to provide a breathing space for the hardworking Hong Kongers, using coffee to boost their spirits. Their service pledge is “The perfect cup, anytime, anywhere”, they will constant reminder to every staff member provide the perfect coffee and service are the main service pledge in the Pacific Coffee. And their mission is “The Cup, The Thought, My Way”, Pacific Coffee strive to provide customers with great quality coffee and beverages, a really comfortable place to hang out and plenty of complementary food choices. Also, they were particular pay attention in every little detail from quality of food and beverage offerings, welcoming decoration, soothing music selection to a wide choice of publication. They strive to make our customer experience an affordable luxury.

This slide is giving the dimension of servicescape. According Bitner dimension, servicescape is the seller and customer interaction in the service environment which the service is assembled and combined with tangible commodities that facilitate performance or communication of the service.

And the following analysis will using Heung & Gu Moodle to discuss the service environment, there are three dimensions which is restaurant atmospherics, dining satisfaction and behavioral intentions.

Next slides is talking about the restaurant atmospherics, there are three categories on it which is facility exterior, facility interior and other tangible.

First discussion is the facility exterior which is including building design, signage, the logo etc. The classic circular logo with a coffee cup and beans has been in used since then and it has gone through three stages.

First stages, there are the italicized Pacific Coffee Company underneath the red circle alludes to style of Chinese calligraphy. The red, gold and black colour combo reflects the east-meets-west spirit embodied by the brand.

And then, in a bid to bring its image up to date, the brand logo’s colour combo has been changed to red, black and white and the word “company” cut from the logo.

Now in 2015, as Pacific Coffee continues to grow, the logo has been further revamped. It is now a red circle with a coffee cup and coffee beans, and the name Pacific Coffee is placed within the red circle.

Moreover, as the part of building design, Pacific Coffee is using the floor to ceiling glass as the outlook of the coffee...
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