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Article Review on Success Stories of Organizations in Marketing. Author: Courtney Gibb, Posted: February 13, 2013
Starbucks Corporation-- corporate success, "local" favorite, and Internet sensation—warrants strategic examination. Starbucks has one ‘Super Influencers’. Every loyal customers will surely reappear for their favourite drinks, perhaps hot latte? In effect, a current relationships are composed and continued existence of brand advocates. This truly holds an authentic across the board through In-store experiences that are highly valued which are along with online engagement which accentuate the importance of customer service. Besides, Starbucks encourages sharing. Those satisfied customers will share their good experiences about the products and the offers. For example, the customers will get 50% off when they purchase the drinks on Tuesday and Thursday. In addition, the customers will strike while the iron's hot for the limited Starbucks Card with minimum RM50 top up. Moreover, Starbucks customizes the experience for the customers. Certainly, the customers want to feel like valued customers not disposable dollars. For example, Starbucks attaches a few Signature drinks in their menu and give the opportunity for the customers to attempt the Signature drinks. Plus, the ‘My Starbucks Rewards’ like free drinks, free refills and free food are given to the customers who own Starbucks card. In addition, Starbucks causes are timely and consistent. Their customers are known for brand loyalty and gives consumers a benevolent reason to buy that steaming cup is advantageous for all. Therefore, Starbucks emphasize to fit in the trending topics. As well as, Starbucks uses cross-promotes. Starbucks shares pictures at social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and their official website. In effect, it gains emphasis as the world is more on the digital world. The customers will check on their updates on social networks and share the Starbucks latest information to...
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