The Little People

Topics: Clock, Alarm clock, Sleep Pages: 1 (355 words) Published: March 12, 2013
By:Maria Aleah G. Taboclaon

The elves came to stay w/them he was nine. They were noisy creature. They kept them a wake at night.
One night,his Papa mustered enough courange and he pleased the elves to let this family sleep and resume the banging tomorrow. They didn”t know how the elves would react. They got shock when silence suddenly filled the house. Before six the banging started again and louder this time. The banging contiued all day and stopped at eleven o”clock and at exactly six a.m. the next day,it started again. His Papa tried to call albularyo but albularyo was booked fill the end of the week. The elves became the alarm clock. When the noise start,they would get up and do our errand. Every one has their assigned works. After a week the albularyo come and spent the night in the house. She told to never bother her again. The elves had already made themselves a part of our life. All n all,it was a very good relationshp. The first week of May,he met Prax,the leader of elves. He was climbing the mango tree and one branches broke. He fell and broke my ankle. He went to sleep to forget the pain. He woke to a hand touching my foot. His hand was small,wrinkled and felt like dried prunes. He was good w/ his hand. His ankle felt better. Bat had seen me play outside and thought that he was beautiful.sensitive and romantic. Bat and he became friends. The time came,though when he declared that he loved me. He wanted me to be his princess. He refused of course. That night he dreamed that Prax talked to me. The next day, he got sick and didn”t get well even the best doctor treated me. The last cure was aniontment taken from the bark of seven old tree and applied to his hair. After that Bat didn”t turn up in my dreams. Years passed, they began to let go of our fears.
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