The Wedding

Topics: Sleep, Wedding, Wedding cake Pages: 2 (816 words) Published: November 6, 2010
The Wedding:

I could hardly sleep with excitement only three days to go until the big day. “Are you all right Gawain, you have been restless since we came up to bed after the New Year’s party, do you remember that it was this time last year that you asked me to marry you?” Morgaine whispered into his ear. Gawain turned around and felt her soft face and said “I can’t believe that you said yes to me of all people I don’t deserve a good looking woman like you ...” “Did you think I was going to say no, we were going out four years and I liked you since the first day I laid eyes on you” Morgaine butted in she pl him closer. “If I knew that you liked me, as much as I liked you I would have asked you out before, the first Anniversary of the club that we are running together,” Gawain said as he explored Morgaine face. “Yes you should have no let’s try and get to sleep or we won’t be able to collect the wedding cake and bring it to the hotel.” Morgaine said as she kicked Gawain passionately before drifting off into a dream in his hands.

Morgaine woke up with the sound of their alarm clock saying “Only two days to go”. She turned to look at her soon to be husband and realises the he is not and shouts out “Gawain, where are you” but as she said this he came through the bedroom door and said “Breakfast in bed for two.” “Oh, Gawain how nice of you “Morgaine said as Gawain sat on the bed and past a bowl to Morgaine and said “Hear -*is two hot wheat-a-bix one represents you, the other represents me, the hot milk represents the hot love that we share.” “That was lovely thanks” Morgaine said and started to eat her wheat-a-bix.

When they were finished Morgaine asked “What will we do first, will we go and collect the cake or go make sure the hotel w be ready?” “I have to go and collect your wedding present first. Then we can go and get the cake and bring it to the hotel.” Gawain said as he got up and stated to get dressed. “Ok. I’ll just wait here until you come...
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