Wal-Mart Case Study Questions

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Case #2 Wal-Mart
1. Wal-Mart has a tradition of leaving many decisions up to store managers. In this type of organization, how can HRM professionals help managers make effective selection decisions? 2.Suppose you have been asked to improve selection procedures at Wal-Mart to avoid discrimination charges in the future. What methods from this chapter would improve the current system? Keeping in mind that store managers might not be eager to give up their decision-making authority, what single change would you advise as a first step? 3.How would you explain to the company’s management that this step would benefit them? Create an argument for you position. Answers

1.In an organization such as Wal-Mart that has a decentralized management team it needs HRM professionals to create uniform guidelines that the whole company will follow. By implementing standards and methods they will be able to document the reasons that the people received promotions and raises while also showing the reasons that others did not. A few of the standards that they need to look at are the amount of time that the employee has been with the company and their job performance in their position. 2.The methods that would improve the selection procedures the most would be screening applications, testing and reviewing work samples. By focusing on both of those criteria’s the manager will be able to show what they are looking for in a candidate. This could help to remove any ideas of unjust favoritisms and discrimination.

The single change that I would advise as a first step would be the posting of all available open positions. This way every employee knows that the position is available and has the opportunity to apply for it. Also this will show that the company is open to the idea of all employees have the right to try to increase their position in the company.

3. The way that I would explain to the company’s management that this will benefit them is by...
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