We Do Not Need Prisons, or Do We?

Topics: Crime, Prison, Victimless crime Pages: 4 (1236 words) Published: May 2, 2013
We Do Not Need Prisons. Or Do We?
Everything in life is organized with rules. In a home, parents set rules for their children, in school or college rules are set to organize the academic lives of the students and the staff. However, not everybody obeys rules, whether that is because of a logical reason or an illogical one. Now, there must be some sort of control on those who break rules or laws. In real life, such people are controlled via various means, such as fines or prison sentences. Although the latter is currently being used, not everybody is happy about it. There are some people who believe that prisons are inhumane and an incorrect way of solving law breaking problems. While others argue that criminals need to be punished for what they commit, which I partially agree with. In my opinion, life without prisons would go haywire. One will see crimes every day; in the mornings while reading a newspaper, on televisions in the evenings. Crime rate will increase dramatically. If criminals know that the consequences of their deeds are easy to come by, they will be less scared or even not scared at all of doing them again. It will not be safe then to just walk down the street without a gun or a weapon, or leave the house without having numerous security systems installed. It is clearly obvious that life without prisons would not be as we know it now. Prisons play an important role in a society, we need them to keep life organized; otherwise we will never live a safe and a pleasant life.

Some people may disagree with me and say that prisons are not necessary. They argue that there are other ways to keep life organized, without the need of any kinds of prisons. Such ways can include the following: Criminals can be committed to community services, like helping with constructions, cleaning public facilities and providing support in care centers. That way people can actually benefit from criminals. Criminals may also think of these activities as a redemption of...

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