Website Review for the Coffee Roasting Company: an Evaluation of the User Experience

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Name: Sashlin Girraj | Student No: 479 812 02 | Course: CYBMARH | Assignment: 01 | Unique Code: 247740

Website Review for The Coffee Roasting Company:
An evaluation of the user experience

Compiled by: Ontarget Digital Media Consultants May 2012

Name: Sashlin Girraj | Student No: 479 812 02 | Course: CYBMARH | Assignment: 01 | Unique Code: 247740


1 | Introduction 2 | The user 3 | Evaluation of the user experience 3.1 | Site style and personality 3.2 | Graphic design 3.3 | Site organisation 3.4 | Site navigation 3.5 | Menu options 3.6 | Page design 3.7 | Content design 4 | Conclusion 5 | References

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Name: Sashlin Girraj | Student No: 479 812 02 | Course: CYBMARH | Assignment: 01 | Unique Code: 247740

1 | Introduction
In the past, organisations would have a very minimal and distant relationship with their customers. Reaching the customer required extensive marketing budgets which had little coverage. However with the birth of the internet, the way we in which we communicated with each other changed forever. With this evolution came the website, a set of related web pages with content such as text, video and images. The website allowed organisations to reach more customers than ever before at a relatively a low cost, and the rest they say is history. A website will only reap rewards if it is effective. Chaffey, Ellis-Chadwick, Johnston and Mayer (2009) describe effectiveness as delivering relevance to the audience and results to the organisation. In this case, the audience are the users of the website and the results refer to sales and profits. A websites that is designed around the user’s characteristics and needs is said to follow a user-centered design (Chaffey et al., 2009). By meeting the needs of its users a website can generate leads, which translates into sales. The Coffee Roasting Company is coffee producer situated just outside of Cape Town. They source beans from all over the world to create unique blends that can be delivered to anywhere in South Africa. This paper seeks to evaluate the user experience of The Coffee Roasting Company’s website. The strengths and weaknesses of the website will be discussed. A comparison will be made with the website of, Strictly Coffee, a competitor to The Coffee Roasting Company. There after recommendations for improvement will also be given.

2 | The User
It has already been said that a website should meet its user’s needs therefore it’s important to determine who the users are. The Coffee Roasting Company website can attract a wide range of users, with a unique set of needs. Coffee connoisseurs will want information on where the coffee is sourced from. Those who want to know more about the roasting process will want information on this process. Users with a curious palette will be interested in the different blends available. Businessman wanting to sell the coffee at Café’s or restaurants would be interested in the prices and distribution information. All these users have unique needs that need to be catered for as they could all lead to potential sales.

3 | Evaluation of user experience
The user experience is defined as the emotional and rational factors of using a company’s online services that influences a user’s perception of a brand online (Chaffey et al., 2009). The user experience with regard to various design elements of The Coffee Roasting Company’s website will be discussed. The strengths and weaknesses will be addressed; comparisons to Strictly Coffee will be made and recommendations will be given where necessary.


Name: Sashlin Girraj | Student No: 479 812 02 | Course: CYBMARH | Assignment: 01 | Unique Code: 247740

3.1 | Site style and personality
The overall site style of The Coffee Roasting Company’s website is very outdated, bland and boring. This also describes the personality of the site, which is ascribed to the brand. There is a lot of text broken up with many pictures,...

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